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"I am loving the LEAP product! It has made a huge difference to my working life as I am now able to access all matter and client details from my home office.

The general Microsoft Office interaction is exactly what I was looking for and on top of this, the support team have been great in dealing with the transition."

Sara Frisby - Managing Director Tactical Employment Solicitors

Freeman Jones Solicitors LLP

"LEAP has really revolutionised the way we work! Its powerful case management functionality is impressive, as is the mobile phone app. I can now even work on the go.

Support from LEAP has also been excellent, with help only a phone call away. Overall the introduction of LEAP into my firm has improved both our performance and in turn profitability. Needless to say I am very pleased."

Colin Freeman - Senior Partner Freeman Jones Solicitors LLP

Elysium Law

"This is an excellent system for the small to medium law practice. The document prorogation is extremely useful and the compliance aspect is invaluable. All in all value for money wise its excellent."

Richard Gray Elysium Law

Truth Legal

"At Truth Legal, we LOVE LEAP. It has increased our processes. It has been a pleasure dealing with all the staff at LEAP. Our new website is already generating leads. We are impressed that LEAP is always trying to improve. I recommend LEAP to all small firms. Period."

Andrew Gray Truth Legal

P A Todd Solicitors

"Having LEAP on my mobile as an app is handy if clients ring me on my mobile when I am out of the office, and I can confidently update them by quickly refreshing their case on my mobile. Letting them know for example that searches have been applied for, or their registration has completed at the Land Registry etc. without having to go to my nearest computer to get an update"

Shuaib Suria P A Todd

Burtons Solicitors

"We wanted a solution that provided us with both a flexible and user-friendly practice Management system that could be implemented rapidly and with minimal fuss. LEAP fitted that bill perfectly. We are excited about working with LEAP to create the perfect practice management system for our firm."

Natasha Jewiss Burtons Solicitors

Behbahani & Co

"There is such a thing as a great legal case-management software and that in my view is LEAP. In fact, I would say that LEAP is as close as one can get to perfection because of its exceptional ease of use and the way it is constantly evolving and responding to its subscribers’ needs/feedback."

Khashayar Behbahani Behbahani & Co

McQuades Residential Conveyancing

"The LEAP system offers us more functionality and through custom configuration has enabled us to tailor and produce some of our common letters automatically and also generate automated completion statements. The built in forms that automatically populate also save us time and money as we no longer need to subscribe to other form providers."

Darran McQuade McQuades Residential Conveyancing

Wright & Co Limited

"LEAP has saved us time day to day through the use of automated precedent forms/documents and letters. We now don't have to sit and type out standard wording or set out statement headings, through using merge fields these are now automatically filled in. This is saving a lot of time."

Lauren Wright & Co Limited

Parsonage & Co Solicitors

"LEAP is an excellent software system and its functionality, speed and accessibility has created improved productivity for the whole firm. Most importantly it has allowed staff flexibility in being able to work anywhere and for all staff to access matter information instantly allowing support staff and others to provide instant updates on the progress of matters. I am extremely happy that we have invested in this system and would highly recommend it."

Sylvia R Parsonage Parsonage & Co Solicitors

Goldstein Legal Limited

"After a lot of research into different products on the market we chose Leap for our CRM system at the end of 2015. We are very pleased with the integration of our different systems that Leap was able to manage due the intuitive way that it works. The link with Xero accounting is very useful as well as time-saving too."

Catrina Newman Goldstein Legal Limited

KingsGuard Legal

"I have been using LEAP for months now and I have found the software to be excellent across all the areas we cover. The issues that I have encountered have only been minor and when I informed LEAP about them they were fixed within the hour. I have already recommended LEAP to another conveyancer and I will have no hesitations in recommending it again. It really does enable me to manage my practice from anywhere and provides me with total control."

James Hadley KingsGuard Legal

Doswell Law

"I was installed with LEAP in July 2015. So far I have found that it saved me a lot of time and made a significant difference to my working life. I now no longer need to spend ages doing invoices as LEAP automates everything for me, even my signature!! It has an excellent system that has benefited me and is very user friendly."

Henry Doswell Doswell Law

Leigh Duncan Solicitors

"We are a start-up firm. We made the choice to go with LEAP for its all-round modernity. It looks pleasing on the eye, it is fully integrated with online services, it works seamlessly with Office 365, it works seamlessly with the accountancy software Xero, it is intuitive to use once learned, there is no hefty initial outlay, you are not tied in to a contract and the monthly fee is reasonable. In all respects it was head and shoulders above the competition, and we researched the market extensively."

Ingmar Heil Leigh Duncan Solicitors

Ibbotson Brady

"With hindsight, prevaricating over the start-up with LEAP was a mistake. We should have taken the plunge sooner and so reaped the ongoing rewards. We are still picking up more and more benefits as we continue to learn more about the pretty impressive functionality."

John Ibbotson Ibbotson Brady

Storey & Co

"We are very impressed with LEAP. An almost seamless transition from our previous system. The case management system is excellent and helps to make the whole office more efficient. The system is easy to use and support first class. Really good value for money!"

Maria Storey Storey & Co

Joanna Connolly Solicitors

"As there are very few solicitors specialising in consumer credit, I attract clients from all over the country. I find that LEAP is well suited to doing business online. I do not believe I would be able to handle the volume of cases that I currently have without the system. I particularly like that I am able to have full access to my system on a laptop from home, and when I am away on holiday. I scan all the documents relating to a matter to the system, and I find the integration with Outlook and Word in particular very simple to use and makes the process very slick."

Joanna Connolly Joanna Connolly Solicitors

Scutt Beaumont Solicitors

"LEAP Web is really convenient as it gives me the flexibility work away my laptop. Most of the features I need are available, meaning I can do my day to day activities on my tablet or MacBook while away from the office or at Court, including opening new matters and creating or editing documents. What I find really impressive is how LEAP365 has made it easy for me to access my data, regardless of the device I use. I’m looking forward to seeing more new features in the product as the year progresses."

Prakash Modi Scutt Beaumont Solicitors