Innovation and Software Development

LEAP invests more than £8 million each year into research and development. This provides the very latest technology to law firms, delivering new products and enhancements through regular updates.

December 2018Desktop
    • Simplify your bank reconciliation and automate payments with our integrated RapidPay payments platform
December 2018Specialisation
    • Reporting introduced across Legal Aid matters and financial data.
November 2018Mobile
    • Enhanced security through Two Factor Authentication, preventing unauthorised access to LEAP from unauthorised devices.
    • Create cards on the go from your contacts, or directly into LEAP.
    • Playback audio saved to your LEAP correspondence.
October 2018Desktop - Version 1.17
    • File PDF’s straight to the LEAP matter from Adobe.
    • Capture Legal Aid time while in Microsoft Office.
    • Improved notifications when LEAP Forms and Precedents are updated.
September 2018Specialisation
    • Litigation Electronic Bill of Costs introduced (Precedent S).
    • Manage RTA claims through integration with the Claims Portal.
    • Additional Crown Court billing support added to Legal Aid (AGFS).
July 2018Desktop

Introducing eSignature with LEAP

LEAP Legal Software | eSignature image

LEAP’s new eSignature service now enables you to electronically sign forms and documents on the go. Save time and select a signature that has already been saved to your account.

July 2018Desktop - Version 1.16
    • Manage debt through the integrated credit control mailings functionality.
    • Improved Compliance Reporting, including Undertakings.
    • Run a float in LEAP (Scotland only)
    • Search across all documents, including partial matches.
July 2018Specialisation
    • Integrated searching in Scotland through Infotrack.
    • Submit eCRM7 claims to the LAA (Legal Aid).
April 2018Announcement

LEAP launches in the Republic of Ireland

Delivering software across all platforms and a comprehensive Forms and Precedents library.

April 2018Desktop - Version 1.15
    • Notify your colleagues of important matters within LEAP.
April 2018Specialisation
    • Crown Court billing introduced to Legal Aid (LGFS and POCA).
April 2018Mobile

Improved scanning capabilities

LEAP Legal Software | Mobile Scanning image

Scan and save documents directly to the matter from your mobile.

April 2018Mobile
    • Create, edit and save documents, Forms and Precedents on an iPad.
    • Simplified email account linking (Android).
March 2018Specialisation
    • Multi-track litigation budgeting (Precedent H).
    • Manage Criminal and Civil Legal Aid matters on LEAP through the new Legal Aid App, including time and disbursement recording, invoicing, submissions and supporting Forms.
February 2018LawConnect
    • Download and upload documents in any format with LawConnect
February 2018Specialisation
    • Support for the Land Transaction Tax introduced (Wales only).
    • Ideas Hub launched, an online public platform to share ideas on how to improve our products.
January 2018Desktop - Version 1.14
    • Capture marketing consent and provide electronic copies of personal data with integrated GDPR tools.
    • Assign matters to Reporting Groups, enabling financial reporting against user definable groups.
    • Store documents, such as ID, against Cards.
January 2018Web
    • Create PDFs from correspondence stored on a matter.
    • Download documents to your local machine directly from LEAP.
December 2017Mobile
    • Android updated with a new look and feel, and improved functionality to bring feature parity with the iOS Apps.
November 2017Web
    • Improved email and document management, including the ability to add signatures to emails sent from LEAP and tools to import documents.
    • Firm level financial actions, including Bank Reconciliation and banking, added.
October 2017Desktop - Version 1.12
    • Create Purchase Orders in LEAP, enabling disbursements to be paid via the Purchase order function of Xero.
    • Search across more fields when identifying possible Conflict of Interest.
    • Find matters more easily through a clients full name in the Matter List.
October 2017Specialisation
    • Parkers Wills Clauses added to the LEAP Forms and Precedents library.
July 2017Announcement

LEAP launches in Scotland

Delivering software across all platforms and a comprehensive Forms and Precedents library.

July 2017Desktop - Version 1.11
    • Improved usability of the Bank Reconciliation.
    • Tools to search and compare documents.
February 2017LawConnect
    • Responsive layout introduced, making LawConnect easier to use on any device.
February 2017Announcement

LEAP launches in Northern Ireland

Delivering software across all platforms and a comprehensive Forms and Precedents library.

January 2017Web
    • Work is no longer a place, it is an activity. Manage your matters on any device with the LEAP365 suite across desktop, browser and mobile.
January 2017Desktop - Version 1.10
    • Browser based Bank Reconciliation with improved functionality including searching.
    • Security controls added for all LEAP reports.
    • Advanced invoicing options introduced, including filters to invoice disbursements only by type.
October 2016LawConnect
    • Share documents from the LEAP matter electronically using LawConnect, a document collaboration platform.
October 2016Desktop - Version 1.9
    • Pin important correspondence to the top of the matter.
    • Rename documents generated from LEAP when saving back to the matter.
    • Capture time recording when receiving emails in Outlook.
July 2016Desktop - Version 1.8
    • New look and feel, modernising the user interface.
    • Assign unique numbers to documents to aid document management.
    • Improved document preview designed to make reviewing documents easier and consistent.
July 2016Mobile
    • Native iPad app introduced, providing more functionality and a larger working environment than on an iPhone.
April 2016Desktop - Version 1.7
    • Automatic and configurable archive numbering ensures unique archive numbers are used.
    • Capture time at matter or client specific rates with Special Fees.
    • User definable aging periods introduced across LEAP and reports.
January 2016Desktop - Version 1.6
    • Service synchronisation notifications introduced, making it easier to identify whether a user is connected to the LEAP servers.
    • Time and Fees Recorded by Staff report added, making it easier to track staff performance.
October 2015Desktop - Version 1.5
    • Document management improvements, making it easier to search and preview documents.
    • Send SMS from LEAP using an Email to SMS provider.
    • Reconcile Infotrack searches in LEAP.
October 2015Mobile

Time record directly from your smartphone

LEAP Legal Software | Mobile Time Recording

Enabling you to record time on the go with ease and accuracy

July 2015Desktop - Version 1.4
    • Manage Criminal and Civil Legal Aid matters on LEAP, including time and disbursement recording, invoicing, submissions, reports and supporting Forms.
    • Order searches directly from the matter with integrated Infotrack searching.
April 2015Desktop - Version 1.3
    • Capture time when generating documents and emails through Office.
    • Simplify Card creation with integrated Postcode lookups.
January 2015Desktop - Version 1.2
    • Create recurring matters, simplifying the matter opening process when doing the same type of work.
    • Custom fields introduced, allowing users to capture bespoke information in LEAP.
    • Send bulk mailings to clients, such as an “Office is closed” notification.

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