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SME Brochure

Discover how LEAP can be your legal technology partner for your firms
long-term growth.
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Practise legal aid more efficiently

Developed to support solicitors who carry out publicly funded work
LEAP improves proficiency when practising legal aid.
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Everything you need to start a law firm

Packed full of innovative features, LEAP provides all you need to start, run and grow your own law firm.
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Understanding the value of LEAP

More than just a practice management system, discover what differentiates LEAP from the competition.
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See how you and your firm can save time with our fully automated and integrated legal forms, precedents, legal rates and calculations.
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Information guides

11 habits of successful law firms

Download our eBook to discover what the key actions to establishing a successful firm.
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6 Steps to becoming a remote law firm

Successfully run your practice across multiple locations.
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Document Customisation

Automate and customise your law firms own precedents.
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Get Started Guide

Making the switch to LEAP is easy, find the right practice management
solution for your firm.
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Simplify your IT

Discover how adopting a cloud-based solution simplifies a law firm's technological requirements and translates directly into cost and time savings.
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Everything you need
to run a law firm.

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