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We focus on just one thing, the needs of law firms.

Richard Hugo-Hamman

Executive Chairman

"We have found that there are four great challenges facing lawyers in law firms; these are the ability to:

  • Consistently deliver quality legal advice and services;
  • Enjoy legal practice more with less stress;
  • Generate sufficient working capital to grow the firm;
  • Make a profitable business that will have value in the future.

Most lawyers in law firms want to help people (people like you and me) when in need and it is difficult to balance clients’ needs with the demands of running a small business. The business side of things always suffers. LEAP redresses this imbalance.

For more than 20 years we have constantly researched the needs of lawyers in small firms and designed great solutions to help them. We have found that the challenges are very similar in all countries. The human needs of clients are the same after all.

We continue to invest in a cycle of continuous innovation designing and developing solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies to bring costs down, and which are remarkably practical and natural to use for anyone familiar with the operations of law firms.

No matter what your involvement in law firms is, I invite you to make contact with me directly, I will always be happy to take your call or exchange correspondence."

John Espley

Chief Executive Officer

John Espley is the Chief Executive Officer of LEAP UK. Prior to becoming the CEO of LEAP UK, John was Director of Sales (UK & Europe), a role which saw him drive significant user growth and revenue, more than doubling the number of users within 3.5 years. John has also worked in a number of other managerial roles within LEAP UK, charged with new business, operations, channels and sales.

Before LEAP, John was the Area Director of Peapod LegalOffice, developing both new and existing business servicing small and SME legal firms. He brings over a decade of experience selling and supporting software for small law firms throughout the UK.

John is passionate about sharing how LEAP can help transform small, boutique and SME law firms, having championed LEAP in the UK, Scotland and Ireland.

Gareth Walker

Chief Operating Officer

"I aim to ensure that all clients have a great experience in moving to LEAP from point of sale, right through to delivery of installation, training and beyond.

With 10 years' experience working with law firms, I understand their need for efficient and easy processes and this is what I continually strive to achieve."

Jarvis Joslyn

UK National Sales Manager

"The best way to assess LEAP is to see it for yourself. We just love showing lawyers how LEAP can help them to run more efficiently and make more money.

My team are trained in every aspect of LEAP and can discuss the experiences of other small firms like yours so that you can assess the benefits for yourself.

We can also arrange for one of our many successful clients to talk with you about their experiences. Just call us!"

Raj Ahluwalia

UK Head of Finance

"As the UK Financial Controller, I am in overall charge of accounting and finance for all LEAP businesses in the UK

My position involves managing the accounting team and being responsible for all aspects of financial management, reporting and regulatory compliance"

Per Dahl-Nielsen

Quality Manager

"My primary focus at LEAP is ensuring the experience of our customers meets and exceeds their expectations.

As QM, my role encompasses the development and enhancement of the quality of service which is achieved through complaints handling and management as well as performing qualitative and quantitative analysis to produce quality plans to enhance the customer experience."

Joseph Sanderson

UK New Business Operations Manager

"As the National New Business Operations Manager, I am responsible for developing new business opportunities, driving business growth and managing a team of product specialists.

Following 20 + years working in management positions in the automotive and consulting sectors, I have spent the last 3 ½ years working in the Legal Technology sector."

Kirsti Gray

Director of UK Content

"For LEAP and its clients, content encompasses everything you see when opening a new matter; starting from the list containing the areas of law, the matter type name and the selection of different tables. Content also includes over 4,000 automated legal forms and more than 1,000 legal precedents available to LEAP clients.

As the head of LEAP UK’s content department, I have executive responsibility for all of this. I oversee content strategy, project conceptualisation, planning, development and the on-time delivery of content projects to clients. I manage a team of staff dedicated to ensuring that the content in LEAP is effective, automated and up to date."

For more information please visit www.leap.co.uk or the LEAP Content Blog

Ben Aslet

UK Marketing Manager

"As the UK Marketing Manager I take great pride in ensuring the legal profession are fully informed of the benefits and solutions acquired through using LEAP, making sure product information and new developments are communicated to the sector in a clear and concise manner.

At LEAP we are always looking to help make a solicitor’s life easier, finding solutions to the issues confronting you. It is important that these solutions are highlighted and that across the marketing team we publicise the value of LEAP."

Derek Bruce

UK Transitions Manager

"For many years I have designed and implemented software solutions for staff in small to medium sized law firms.

My aim at LEAP is to make sure lawyers and their support staff have all the relevant information they need in an easy and efficient solution to allow you to concentrate on what you do best."

Kirsteen Forisky

Head of Innovations

"I want to ensure that all firms using LEAP and utilising the LEAP Apps that we develop become more efficient and therefore profitable. Innovation is a key focus of LEAP, we strive to assist law firms with the latest solution technologies.

I have 25 years of software development experience within the legal sector and enjoy overcoming software challenges that today’s lawyers have to deal with."

John Flanagan

Head of Product

"Providing innovative technological solutions to delight the modern lawyer is what gets me out of bed in the morning. My aim is to ensure that our solutions deliver the competitive edge that the small practice needs to thrive in the evolving legal services marketplace.

Through continuous engagement with our clients, I collect feedback which we use to drive our product roadmap and deliver world-class solutions to tomorrows problems.

Following several years working in legal finance and practice management, I have been working in legal technology since 2005 in both customer services and product management."

David Morgan

Product Support Manager

"Like instructing a solicitor, contacting product support is rarely an activity that people would choose to do. Instead, it’s a decision driven by a need for specialist knowledge.

My team and I are passionate about making that experience straightforward and painless; conveying accurate information as efficiently as possible in clear and jargon-free language.

As the manager of the UK Helpdesk, it’s my responsibility to ensure that every user is able to maximise the many benefits that LEAP provides."

Becci Logan

Partner Network Manager

"Having worked in both small and large practices, I understand the need's of Law firms as well as the importance of having efficient software.

The Partner Network aim to ensure our clients have the best start to their LEAP journey by assisting them with their installation and training. By working closely with a network of LEAP accredited Partners, we can guarantee our clients access to the best training, guidance and consultancy services."

Nataly Burns

UK People & Culture Manager

"LEAP, with it’s vibrant culture and progressive environment is a great place to work.

My focus as People & Culture Manager is attracting, developing and rewarding LEAP’s biggest asset – our people!

Check out what our amazing LEAPsters have to say; Life at LEAP & LEAP on Glassdoor."

Evie Booth

Client Experience Manager

"I am passionate about utilising technology to better support our clients throughout their LEAP journey. By anticipating our client’s needs, we strive to support them in a way suited to the modern lawyer.

Our Client Success Managers are experts in ensuring our clients are making the most of their LEAP subscription & working as efficiently as possible. As a result, LEAP users can focus on practising law and make more money."

Craig Taylor

Customer Relationships Manager

"Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and my teams role is to ensure that they get the most from LEAP.

We are constantly seeking out new opportunities within LEAP which clients may have overlooked or forgotten about. My team are always excited about being able to speak with our clients about these exciting new developments and products within LEAP. It is very satisfying to see a client using the software well and getting the benefits of using LEAP.”