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As a user of LEAP case management software, you have access to InfoTrack which provides one place for all your key conveyancing tasks as well as powerful and unique tools to improve your processes and workflows.

Seamless, two-way integration between the systems empowers your firm to operate more efficiently, ensures you save up to 30% of time per matter, and never lose a disbursement again.

True Integration
With direct, two-way communication between InfoTrack and LEAP, information is shared seamlessly between both systems. All results and documentation from InfoTrack are sent back into your LEAP matter and stored for 7 years. All costs incurred in InfoTrack are sent back to the ledger in LEAP and identified against the matter number.

Efficiency and Accuracy
With up to 70% of the SDLT form and 90% of the AP1 Transfer pre-populated using data from your matter in LEAP, you reduce the need to re-key information, minimise errors and maintain consistency across systems.

InfoTrack’s integration with LEAP means you can connect to the InfoTrack platform at the click of a button. With just one window and one login, InfoTrack removes the need to visit multiple sites to obtain your searches, submit your SDLT, lodge your AP1 and much more.

True integration gives you immediate access to all your conveyancing tasks meaning you only need a single window and a single login.

Searches, SDLT and AP1 forms on InfoTrack are pre-populated using matter information from LEAP, removing the need to rekey information.

All disbursements are automatically returned to LEAP, removing any manual processes of entering cost recoveries.

All relevant documents ordered through InfoTrack are quickly merged into LEAP and are stored for 7 years.

LEAP Add-On - InfoTrack - Conveyancing Search Provider

Powerful Tools
With a range of conveyancing and corporate services tools including electronic Contract Packs (eCOS), SignIT and REVEAL - InfoTrack’s data visualisation tool, you can quickly create efficiency for you firm and your clients.

How does InfoTrack work with LEAP?

Conveyancing searches available integrated between LEAP and InfoTrack allows you to order your searches directly from the Electronic Matter in LEAP without having to re-key any data.

The results are then returned into the document management system and automatically debited to the matter ledger.

One Consolidated Bill
All charges are consolidated into a single monthly bill from InfoTrack, making reconciliation simple and reducing the chance of missed disbursements, while minimising the time spent on administrative tasks.

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Users of LEAP are already benefiting from greater productivity driving increased profitability. To find out more about the benefits of integration with InfoTrack visit www.infotrack.co.uk/LEAP

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