Employment Law Software

Employment law provides an important source of revenue for many law firms.

You need excellent support resources to stay focused on both the legal issues and helping your clients.
LEAP includes a range of exclusive resources to help your firm operate effectively.

Automated legal forms

Providing you with a library of automated employment law forms, LEAP allows you to generate matter documents in an instant.

Having inputted your client’s information into your matter once, those details are then automatically merged each time you generate a new document from within the matter.

Signature forms include:
ET1 - Employment Tribunal Claim Form
EAT Form 1 - Notice of Appeal From Decision of Employment Tribunal
ET3 - Response Form

View all automated legal forms available to LEAP clients.

Employment Law Software - LEAP Legal Software UK

Matter type input screens

Employment Law Software Matter Type - LEAP Legal Software UK

The Matter Type input screen provides you with unequalled efficiency. Not only can you capture all relevant information for each matter, information is used to generate documents with pre-filled client and matter information from our extensive range of forms and precedents.

LEAP combines world-leading technology with the provision of quality content, the breadth and depth of which enables your law firm to produce legal documentation both quickly and accurately directly from the matter.

Providing quality content for our clients is what makes us stand out from the competition.

LEAP also includes:

Document Preparation – Create legal documents fast and accurately.

Legal Mobile App – Manage your employment matters on the move.

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Employment Law automated legal forms - LEAP Legal Software UK