Practice Management Software
for Criminal Law

LEAP delivers market leading practice management software to criminal
lawyers, providing everything they need to conduct a matter.

Criminal law case management

In the last year, over half a million new Criminal Law matters were created using LEAP with practitioners able to manage their matters, record activity and invoice for their time accurately when attending police stations, magistrates courts and Crown Court.

From the moment you receive instructions, gather and review evidence, collaborate with counsel, all the way through to a potential trial, LEAP provide an outstanding digital working solution with all the core tools needed to help your clients get the best results.

Criminal Law Software - LEAP Legal Software UK
Criminal Law Software Matter Type - LEAP Legal Software UK

Pre-configured Matter Types

Developed by criminal law specialists, Criminal Matter Types provide all fields necessary to capture pertinent information. This information is used to generate documents with pre-filled client and matter information, and is used to synchronise with external parties such as the Legal Aid Agency.

LEAP includes the following criminal Matter Types: Crown Court, Criminal Law and Motoring Offences.

Legal Aid specialists

LEAP's integrated Legal Aid app provides everything you need to carry out publicly funded work within criminal law, capturing key matter information and billable items to ensure you are paid on time by the Legal Aid Agency. In the last 12 months, our software has generated almost £100 million of revenue for our customers.

Our seamless integration with both the Legal Aid Agency and Claim for Crown Court Defence portal ensures accuracy by eliminating the need to enter data in two systems.

Access highly automated Magistrates and Crown Court forms including AF, LF1 and CRM forms as required by the Legal Aid Agency directly from within a matter.

Criminal Law Software Billing Module - LEAP Legal Software UK
Criminal Software Bundle Pro - LEAP Legal Software UK

Trial Bundle

LEAP's integration with market leading bundling apps automates the production of compliant Court bundles from your LEAP documents.

Prepare a bundle for court - manually create a paginated indexed bundle, a brief to counsel or a trial bundle in minutes.

All common areas of law

Make more money from Criminal law work

Criminal law matter management is important to many law firms, discover how LEAP can help.

  • Fully integrated Legal Aid for Police Station, Magistrates Court and Crown Court simplifies billing and submission to the Legal Aid Authority and Crown Court Defence portal.
  • Create a paginated indexed bundle, a brief to counsel or a trial bundle in minutes.
  • An electronic matter to manage all the data and correspondence needed to conduct the matter in a timely and professional manner.
  • Automated legal forms and precedents pre-filled with client and matter details to eliminate manual data entry.
  • Share documents and access matter details, client information and correspondence from any connected device.
  • Accurately capture time from anywhere through deeply integrated time recording, including configurable task and activity codes.
  • Integrated legal accounting ensures regulatory compliance, timely invoicing and disbursement management.
  • Simplified disaster recovery with continual backups through AWS with 99.9% uptime for access from any connected device.
  • Integrated device management and two-factor authentication delivers unparalleled levels of security.
  • Collaborate with clients and third-parties through LawConnect, our integrated collaboration platform.
  • Stay up to date with legislation with By Lawyers, exclusively integrated into LEAP and providing guides and legally drafted documents.