Criminal Law Software

With the increasing pressure on fees, as a criminal legal aid provider it is vital that every case is processed quickly.

For law firms practising crime to remain successful it is essential to reduce overheads, improve efficiency and meet contract requirements.
To build a successful criminal law practice, you need to have access to the right tools. The combination of innovative technology with the inclusion of
well-maintained and up-to-date content will ensure you remain compliant and efficient.

Automated legal forms

Integrate with the most extensive and up-to-date library of automated Crime forms and precedents.

The full suite of necessary crime forms are available within LEAP, including AF1, AF2, LF1, LF2, CRM1, CRM2, CRM3, CRM6, CRM7, CRM 8, CRM10, CRM11, CRM13, CRM14, CRM15, CRM15C, CRM16, CRM18, CRM18A, 5144, 5144A.

All forms are highly automated. Having inputted your client’s information into your crime matter once, the details are then automatically merged each time you generate a new document from within the matter.

Signature forms include:
CRM11 - Billing form
LF1 - Graduated fee claim

View all automated legal forms available to LEAP clients.

Criminal Law Software - LEAP Legal Software UK

Codes and Rates

Criminal Law Software Matter Type - LEAP Legal Software UK

Codes and court rates maintained for police stations and Magistrate Courts - Access comprehensive and up-to-date civil and Magistrate court fees ensuring accurate costing.

Proactive to legislative changes - We work hard to monitor ongoing form changes so you don't have to, ensuring you remain compliant.

Matter type input screens

The electronic matter in LEAP will capture the required Criminal Legal Aid contract details relevant for an individual case.

The information recorded in a matter will be entered once and populated throughout the case into forms, documents and monthly submissions generated within LEAP.

LEAP combines world-leading technology with the provision of quality content, the breadth and depth of which enables your law firm to produce legal documentation both quickly and accurately directly from the matter.

Providing quality content for our clients is what makes us stand out from the competition.

Criminal Law Software Matter Type - LEAP Legal Software UK

Starter Letters Pack

Starter Pack Criminal Law Letter - LEAP Legal Software UK

Included within LEAP, lawyers receive a portfolio of professionally drafted criminal law letter templates, fully automated to save your practice valuable time.

Although essential to managing your matters, composing even the shortest of letters takes effort. Over time can you imagine just how much resource your law firm spends on this type of work?

By providing you with basic letter templates, fully personalised and pulling through relevant information fields from within your electronic matter, you can now draft a range of key documents in an instant.

LEAP also includes:

Time recording – Never missing a minute of your chargeable time.

Legal Mobile App – Manage your crime matters on the move.

For a full list of the features available on LEAP, take the feature tour:


Criminal Law automated legal forms - LEAP Legal Software UK