Conveyancing Software

The day to day processing of conveyancing work can become very time consuming.

The more accurately and efficiently your law firm handles the work the more profitable you become. Through the utilisation of great technology LEAP enables you to build a healthy conveyancing practice. Harnessing key features within the solution you can streamline your firm’s processes significantly.

Automated legal forms

LEAP provides you with a library of automated conveyancing forms including those provided by the Land Registry and HMRC.

You are also able to generate matter documents in an instant.

Having inputted your client’s information into your conveyancing matter once, those details are then automatically merged each time you generate a new document from within the matter.

Signature forms include:
TR1 - Transfer of whole of registered title(s)
AP1 - Application to change the register
TA13 - Fittings and Contents Form
TA6 - Property Information Form
TA10 - Completion information and Undertakings
Purchase Completion Statement
Sale Completion Statement
TA7 - Leasehold Information Form
LP1F - Property and Financial Affairs
Remortgage Completion Statement
File Review Form – Sale
File Review Form – Purchase
File Review Form - Remortgage

View all automated legal forms available to LEAP clients.

Conveyancing Software - LEAP Legal Software UK

Completion Statement

Conveyancing Software Matter Type - LEAP Legal Software UK

LEAP is developed to make the process of document production as quick and easy as possible.

Complicated documents such as a completion statement can be generated at the click of a button merging in information accurately from within the matter. With the up-to-date legal rates and charges held within LEAP applied.

All outputs are generated in Microsoft Word or Excel format making it easy to further edit and collaboratively work with your client.

File Reviews

LEAP helps those that practice conveyancing to remain compliant whilst freeing up additional time to focus on billable work through automation of the file review process.

LEAP combines world-leading technology with the provision of quality content, the breadth and depth of which enables your law firm to produce legal documentation both quickly and accurately directly from the matter.

Providing quality content for our clients is what makes us stand out from the competition.

Conveyancing Software Matter Type - LEAP Legal Software UK

Starter Letters Pack

Letter to Agent Will - LEAP Legal Software UK

Included within LEAP, lawyers receive a portfolio of professionally drafted conveyancing letter templates, fully automated to save your practice valuable time.

Although essential to managing your matters, composing even the shortest of letters takes effort. Over time can you imagine just how much resource your law firm spends on this type of work?

By providing you with basic letter templates, fully personalised and pulling through relevant information fields from within your electronic matter, you can now draft a range of key documents in an instant.

LEAP also includes:

Integrated Searching – Order all searches directly from the matter via InfoTrack.

Document Preparation – Create legal documents fast and accurately.

LawConnect – A secure document sharing system.

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Conveyancing automated legal forms - LEAP Legal Software UK