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Make more money from conveyancing work.

The day to day processing of conveyancing work can become very time consuming. The more accurately and efficiently your law firm handles the work the more profitable you will become.

Great technology allows you to drive such efficiencies and this can be achieved with Legal Conveyancing Software. LEAP enables you to build a healthy conveyancing practice, harnessing technology to develop your firm’s workflows and processes with our conveyancing software.

  • One database to improve client communication.
  • Seamless integrated searching.
  • Mobility – Work anywhere at any-time.
  • Automated conveyancing forms and documents.

Legal Conveyancing Software | LEAP

Automated Legal Forms

Legal Conveyancing Software - Automated Forms | LEAP

Entering the same client and matter information into multiple forms and documents is not an effective use of time. LEAP allows you to generate correspondence in an instant by populating the form fields with data gathered from your conveyancing matter file.

  • A complete up to date library of conveyancing forms including Land Registry, HMRC and Law Society.
  • Generate completions statement at the touch of a button.
  • Forms supplied in Microsoft Word allowing for further edits and collaborative working with your client.
  • All the latest legal rates and charges applied.

View all automated legal forms available to LEAP clients.

Through LEAPs automated documentation functionality you can be assured your conveyancing service will be running as efficiently and profitably as possible.

The built in forms that automatically populate save us time and money, we no longer need to subscribe to other form providers.
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Integrated Searching

Ordering searches is an essential, but labour intensive, part of the conveyancing process. With LEAP’s seamless integration with InfoTrack, this needn’t be the case.

  • Client information will automatically populate into your property searches, SDLT Submissions and AP1 Transfer.
  • Order searches directly from your matter.
  • Search results are automatically saved to the matter.
  • Disbursements are automatically captured ready to be billed.
  • Searches and property enquiries are ordered through one provider.

There is no more convenient way for you to manage your conveyancing searches and start making more money!

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Perfect Portal

Combine LEAP with Perfect Portal and take you conveyancing revenue to the next level | LEAP UK

LEAP can also integrate with Perfect Portal, a quote generation and sales management tool for conveyancers that helps law firms to build their conveyancing work and increase revenue.

  • Generate and calculate accurate quotes in under a minute.
  • Manage your sales process and pipeline effectively.
  • Capture prospective business at the point of initial enquiry via your website, over the phone or through referrals.
  • Build and manage successful referral partnerships with local estate agents and mortgage brokers with Perfect Portal helping you grow your network of referrers.
  • On instruction manage your new conveyancing matter efficiently to further maximise your profits through LEAP.

From within Perfect Portal you are able to import all your matter and card information with the click of a button directly into LEAP making the process seamless.

Find out more about Perfect Portal here